Floor Markers

Allé Designs | Help people practice healthy social distancing with strategically-placed floor decals. Whether it’s on carpet or hard flooring, you’ll demonstrate a commitment to staff, customers, and your community while keeping them safe. It’s an easy way to protect everyone that moves through your space. 6FT Apart Round Floor Marker is versatile and easily applied. Our floor decals are easy to apply to just about any flooring surface, including Carpet, Tile, Metal, Painted surfaces,  Wood floors,  PVC floor,  Untreated stone, Smooth concrete, Asphalt, Brick, and Ceramic tile. This product is intended for intermediate-term (6 months) indoor use. This product can be removed with little to no residue left behind. Construction: 14mil non-slip textured PVC reinforced with fabric on the adhesive side to provide extra durability and strength. Installation: Remove dirt and debris from the surface the graphic will be applied to. Use a soft rubber roller, squeegee, or similar on the surface of the graphic to remove any bubbles and make sure the adhesive is making full contact with the surface. Certified Safe:  Fire safe. E-84 ASTM Class A Fire Rated. Non-slip. ASTM D2047 Non-slip passed.