Bubbly & Suede Plush

Unika Vaev Textiles | Bubbly is a high-performance bleach cleanable fabric woven with proprietary yarns from the Bella-Dura brand. The unique blending of a multi-textured boucle yarn, surrounded by a complex heathered slub yarn, allow for elegant depth and a soft tactile hand. Bubbly proudly passes 85,000 double rubs and is available in 6 uniquely different colors. Suede Plush provides the luxury and softness of a high-quality suede while performing at a higher level. This product is inherently ink resistant, stain resistant and resistant to liquids such as red wine and ketchup. Alcohol swabs or warm soap + water provide for ease of cleanability. Suede Plush is an ideal choice for heavy duty upholstery + panel applications while boasting 250,000 double rubs and 16 sumptuous color offerings.