Takeform | RespondTM Rapid Deployment Products: At no other time is clear communication more critical than during a crisis. Demands are intense, emotions are high, and miscommunication can be dangerous. Having the right message in the right place communicated professionally plays a valuable role in managing urgent situations. That’s why we designed RespondTM    the complete quickship interior and exterior signage and accessory system developed for rapid deployment. Designed for the rigors of healthcare settings, Respond readily adapts to improve safety in any workplace or gathering space. Our Protective Shields safeguard your staff and the people they serve with their simple, reliable construction. It assembles in seconds and positions on any work surface – teller counters, desks, tables. No hardware is needed, so it’s portable and repositionable – plus, it protects your furniture – no drilling or fasteners required. Floor Decals help people practice healthy distancing and demonstrate commitment to staff, customers, and their community. It’s an easy and effective way to protect everyone that moves through your space. Portable Monument Signage is constructed with Takeform’s durable Moxie graphic panel system. It simply assembles with press-in fasteners – no tools required. Three simple anchoring options. Exterior rated. Scratch, graffiti, and UV resistant. Select 2-sided & 4-sided configurations. Post and Panel Exterior Signage incorporates our durable Moxie panel system, quality hardware, and recycled rubber base to ensure each sign stands up to the demands of changing circumstances. Interior Signage System The COVID-19 crisis is driving new communication needs throughout healthcare systems and workplaces. It’s necessitating the reconfiguration of healthcare facilities and transformation of non-medical buildings into care centers. Through it all, effective signage is crucial to everyone’s success, and more importantly, their health. Notice Holders Protect and declutter with one ingeniously simple product. Pathogens like paper. Our Notice Holders offer a simple, yet effective means of displaying temporary postings and protect them and the people in your space from pathogen contamination. Sanitizer Stations are prominent beacons of health. Our quick-ship configurations accommodate hand sanitizer and tissues or gloves (other configurations available – visit These easy-to-install units are built from the highest quality stainless steel and finished with a number of popular laminates, making our units as durable as they are beautiful. With Rapid Deployment in mind, all these products can be ordered on-line through our Quickship store at