Frovi | Bamboo by Frövi is a modular zoning system designed to offer a blend of function and efficiency, in the most environmentally conscious way. The system can be assembled quickly and easily, with very few fixings. It creates a look that is both pared-back and clean, but still warm and inviting. Designed with our planet in mind, so you don’t need to choose between a more sustainable future or surrounding yourself with stylish products: you can have both. Crafted using sustainable materials including pressed bamboo, connectors made from 100% recycled nylon (PA6) and felt that’s a blend of 70% recycled and 30% virgin PET – which is most commonly used in the manufacture of plastic bottles. Environmentally conscious design that offers strength, sustainability, versatility and a green alternative. Frovi Bamboo collection has been created to work in any workspace and to achieve a desired and bespoke zoning solution. The structural frames are available in any of our RAL colours allowing it to be combined with any specified color scheme. There are a host of functional accessories available, such as an easy-to-move mobile table for agile working and felt panels offering acoustic properties; the configurations are endless.