Chatham Cove

AIS | Chatham Cove™ is a new work lounge by AIS that merges the comfort of home with the focus of the office. The new seating line offers users a respite for heads-down work or discrete conversations, all within the privacy of beautiful cove-like spaces. Adaptive and responsive, Chatham Cove supports users throughout their workday – accommodating both individual work and small team collaboration. With its 3-sided option, spaces flourish giving users personal privacy and comfort with an individual private touchdown space helping reduce distractions. Simply connect two of the two-sided Chatham Cove units together to create a settee application providing a small team space for impromptu collaboration. Available in three height options, 34, 50, and 58”, Chatham Cove Work Lounge can align to adjacent workstations, if needed while offering degrees of visual privacy for users. With shared colors, materials, and finishes, Chatham Cove Work Lounge easily integrates with other AIS product lines to create a holistic environment.