Yurei Pendant

Koncept | Inspired by the Japanese term for ghost, Yurei, our latest lighting solution presents distinct translucent light shades that capture the essence of its namesake. Evoking an ethereal and unearthly allure, the Yurei Light effortlessly infuses spaces with an element of mystery and sophistication, ideal for both commercial and residential interiors. The optional light shade is easily interchangeable to complement any workspace’s design aesthetic, offering a customizable touch. Available in a variety of translucent hues and metal finishes, the light shade adds an artistic dimension to any setting. Pairing the Yurei Light with an acoustic panel enhances its functionality by minimizing unwanted noise, fostering a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, the Yurei pendant boasts an innovative 2-in-1 mounting feature for suspension or ceiling flush mounting, ensuring versatile installation options for diverse spaces.