Yurei Floor Lamp

Koncept | Introducing the Yurei family of lighting solutions, inspired by the Japanese word for ghost. With its unique translucent light shades, the Yurei Light brings an ethereal and stylish touch to any space. The floor lamp model features dimmer and height-adjustable features for precise light control, and its optional replaceable light shade allows for customization to match any workspace’s aesthetic. Its telescopic body allows you to adjust the height to your desired level. Available in various translucent colors and metal finishes, the light shade adds an artistic flair to the environment. Its sustainable design, made from over 95% recyclable materials, appeals to environmentally conscious businesses and organizations. Offering versatility, the Yurei light is available in different mounting options suitable for both table and floor lamps. With impressive 9″ large light panel optics and a built-in USB-C charging port, the Yurei floor lamp combines functionality and convenience seamlessly.