Tuck™ by Dekko

Dekko | Tuck™ by Dekko,  premieres a highly intentional design and created with a hybrid work style in mind. As a relocatable power tap, Tuck™ can be easily personalized to effortlessly integrate into virtually any space. With two AC Tamper Resistant Receptacles, one USB-A Charging Port, and one USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Charging Port, Tuck™ delivers a one-stop charging experience.  Tuck™ provides Freestanding Power, offering power wherever you need it, whenever you need it. The Power-Delivery (PD) Technology works to ensure that the USB-C PD port delivers the right amount of power required to charge the connected device as fast and as safely as possible without damaging the battery. This is a very important feature in today’s power products to keep people connected, recharged, and moving toward their goals. Tuck™ showcases thoughtfully designed details including a braided cord, brass and silver metal accents, along with soft, sloping edges that sparks creativity—even in a home office.