Allermuir | Tibo is a new combined bench and table system for indoor and outdoor use designed by Mark Gabbertas for Allermuir. Tibo takes the familiar typologies of the outdoor picnic table and the indoor work bench, combines them and then reimagines both. The main principle of Tibo is to bring people together….. to talk, work, eat, drink and connect. Evert aspect of the design is focused on how to make this familiar process more intuitive, convivial and productive. Available in three shapes and sizes to seat up to 12 people, Tibo is designed to provide the easiest and most natural interaction between people, and to demonstrate that intelligent design can beneficially influence behavior. A more natural and efficient positioning of people is achieved by utilizing the ends of a table and incorporating a semi-circular profile. The need for stepping over a bench for access is precluded, and every person’s access made easier by similarly radiused ends to these. The table size and shape have been carefully considered to allow for different ways for people to sit together, and to allow the simultaneous use of a unit by more than one group.