The SEAQUAL Collection

Mayer Fabrics | The SEAQUAL Collection, is a range of textile solutions inspired by the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The collection features four patterns, including two upholsteries (Denali and Leoni) and two privacy curtains (Serene and Tranquility), adding to the existing SEAQUAL upholstery patterns Caspian and Mira. Serene is inspired by a picturesque landscape depicting a daybreak reflection over the ocean. Tranquility is a line work pattern inspired by a cascade of rain falling down a windowpane and accented with a multicolored stripe. Denali is a stunning example of geometric precision, with clean lines and stark contrasts that demand attention and leave a lasting impression. Leoni evokes the dynamic flow of inks swirling in a watercolor painting, shimmering with the magic of reflected sunlight and dappled shadows.