Symm Lounge & Side Chairs

KEILHAUER | Distinguished look. Premium details. Symm turns heads with its modern take on the timeless tuxedo sofa, and features a benching system, tables, lounge chairs and side chairs that work together in perfect symmetry. The Symm family of products offers a contemporary twist on the classic tuxedo sofa design by integrating a cross seam per cushion. Premium piping details are present throughout, creating an added sense of attainable luxury. The Symm lounge and side chairs exhibit the classic and elegant cross-stitching that defines the entire Tailored collection. With comfortable back and seat cushions and inviting curves, these chairs are ideal for informal gatherings and exchanges amongst colleagues. Symm lounge and side chairs share a hexagonal body design that also doubles as the chairs’ arms. This unique shape creates a comfortable and inviting space that allows the user freedom to sit and move around as they choose. The Symm lounge and side chairs are available in combo cover alternatives for an extra touch of style.