Square One

Indiana Furniture | Indiana Furniture Introduces Square One: Redefining Space Division.  Indiana Furniture continues to set new standards for affordable, design-friendly products. Today the company will begin taking orders on a new space division series, Square One. With Square One, Indiana Furniture broadens their offering of solutions for the open plan and further strengthens their presence as a go-to supplier for today’s solutions.  Square One is the clean, simple way to provide space division, functionality, and architectural design to any zone within the working environment. With individual building blocks that securely connect to one another and accessories like dry erase boards, acrylic inserts, and tackable and acoustical panels, your personalization of Square One is only limited to your imagination. The series is made of solid wood, providing a sustainable material for the workplace and linking the relevant design to the long-standing heritage of Indiana Furniture.  “Square One easily defines space between workers and creates areas within the open plan to encourage collaboration or allow for focused work and conversations. It installs quickly and can be effortlessly reconfigured as needs change,” said Mike Blessinger, VP of Sales & Marketing for Indiana Furniture. Further, he stated “This product epitomizes the warmth and beauty of wood, one of our core competencies, and provides a solution for all audiences and style preferences.” Square One was designed by Indiana Furniture in partnership with Keith Metcalf of Design4U. The idea behind this environment-changing design was to offer a wood-based, space division product that generates visual interest without sacrificing everyday function, to allow for design freedom and optimize the cost of ownership, and to create architectural elements without the need for additional construction.

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