OFGO STUDIO | OFGO STUDIO introduces SAVOY™, a premium collection for the evolving workspace. SAVOY raises the experience (literally) with concealed and integrated height adjustable desking. Featuring both fully enclosed height adjustable desks perfect for an executive look and feel, or a minimalist partially enclosed height adjustable shrouds for a clean and functional design. Fixed height desking features the all-new A-leg with built-in wire management, accessible by a hinged door on the underside of the leg. The workspace has evolved and so have storage needs. Functional and concealed storage is available using the all-new pull-out box drawer, perfectly positioned within the drop down to low storage in new fixed-height layered desks. Additionally, the all-new floating shelf collection offers the perfect minimalistic design combined with highly functional storage and display space. Seamless storage integrated with height adjustability is a breeze with SAVOY. The all-new pedestal shroud and recessed bookcases beautifully conceal the height adjustable leg. For additional storage options, pair the SAVOY collection with MyZONE or MODERN storage pieces for a cohesive offering. SAVOY can help craft beautiful meeting spaces with all-new features, including the new layered TV wall panel. This layered panel pairs perfectly with floating shelves and provides clean wire management for TV power and HDMI accessories. Each part of the SAVOY collection is thoughtfully designed to inspire your vision, harmonize and adapt to the current and future workplace, all without breaking the bank. Discover a new level of sophistication and functionality. With a clean design, exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, SAVOY will help elevate your workspace to extraordinary heights.