Safecare™ Signs

2/90 Signs | SAFETY FIRST. SAFECARE™ SIGNS HELP PROTECT THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CARE.  If you’re looking for ways to create a safer, friendlier environment, our new line of SafeCare™ Signs has your back. We partnered with designers to develop this anti-ligature product specifically for behavioral health environments. We’re proud to say it’s the only American-made product featured in the New York State Office of Mental Health Safety Standards.  This new line is ideal for any facility where safety or durability are key factors, including healthcare facilities, schools, and prisons. Each sign is made of Lexan, which prevents the sign from breaking and being used as a weapon. Beveled edges eliminate sharp edges and subsurface paint and graphics guard against tampering in high-traffic and vandalism-prone areas.  The signs install securely with tamper-resistant Pin-In-Head Torx fasteners, plastic anchors and adhesive. We can also supply other mounting options, such as spanner fasteners with butterfly anchors for drywall installations. A complete family of 16 sign types can be used for a variety of applications, and 2/90 Sign Systems has a wide range of other products to meet all of your signage needs. ENGINEERED FOR A SAFER ENVIRONMENT.  Anti-ligature design with low profile, Subsurface paint and graphics increase durability, Beveled Lexan eliminates sharp edges, Lexan prevents the sign from breaking and being used as a weapon, Tamper-resistant fasteners and adhesive, Sustainable attribute for message changes with paper inserts, Laser-print templates are available at, Select from 16 sign types, Available with one or two colors. Choose matching or complementary color for SSA area, Choose from gloss vinyl colors for SSA copy; reference asterisk colors in color chart, Custom sizes or shapes are available, Made in the USA.

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