Cumberland | Plug-In ganged seating and tables allows for an infinite ganging of linear sections with both 29H and 41H Wall heights and an optional wide armrest divider allowing a greater sense of privacy. The Arm Rests are options (with and without power) and need to be specified as separate part numbers on orders. These use the same fabric as specified on the seat. The power data unit is built into the arm and allows users to power their laptops and charge PDAS and mobile phones. It is available in matte silver or black finish and contains 2-grounded simplex outlets, 15-amp circuit, (1) Powered USB port and a 4 power cord. Airport arms cannot be used or intermixed with Thick & Thin Seating. Table sections can be added between seating units. Touchdown work surfaces are available in 29 and 41 heights and attach to the back side of Plug-In Seating. Touch Down end support panels (Power Towers) are provided with a power/USB charging unit, with the power supply routed thru the tower bracket to the underside of the seating to access floor monuments.

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