Northport Area Light

Landscape Forms | Illuminate authentic community identity. Drawing inspiration from the ubiquitous acorn streetlamp, Northport area lights merge advanced LED technology and optics with an homage to the traditional-style lights so deeply rooted in landscape design heritage. Rather than as a glass globe, the “acorn” form subtly appears in the negative space between the arms at the top of each luminaire. Inside, an LED element mounted below the lens subtly recalls gas lamps or early filament bulbs, inspiring nostalgic connections and reinforcing the sense of place. Designed for applications up to 16’, the collection’s area lights are available in both single and double pole-mount or pendant-arm-mount configurations with either clear or diffused lenses in multiple distributions. Options for the Landscape Forms visual comfort and high output light engines adapt Northport’s performance specifically for the pedestrian scale or beyond in use cases like parking lots, streetscapes, transit and other environments with a wide range of illumination requirements. The visual comfort light engine requires less eye adaptation through reduced glare, enabling lower light levels and lower energy use with excellent visual acuity. Cast aluminum parts in a full color palette are finished with Landscape Forms proprietary Pangard II ® HAPS, VOC, lead-free polyester powdercoat. This product is Buy America Compliant and is International Dark-Sky Approved.