DARRAN | Nomi embodies the new paradigm of Nomadism in the modern workplace. Nomadic culture is inherently agile and mobile with a sense of purpose, determination, and simplicity. The Nomi collection embraces this need for agility in bar height, counter height, and ottoman height poufs with multi-surface glides to allow mobility within any workspace. Our realities are defined in a tactile manner and as we make our way through our environments, we look for things that activate our senses. Softly shaped natural materials, detailed seaming, and a delightful nature define the Nomi Stool and Pouf collection. When designing today’s office environments, it is increasingly important to populate spaces with products that can service many applications while providing a sense of delight through these special moments of interaction between the user and the product. Nomi creates a high degree of function with the simplest forms and fosters this essential connection through its joyful nature and nomadic disposition delivering performance, personality, and purpose.