Allermuir | Mozaik is a beautiful new modular system of soft seating, storage and accessories designed for Allermuir by Mark Gabbertas. The range is made up of geometric stools, benches and storage in various heights to create a limitless number of interesting architectural designs and landscapes.  Every color combination and configuration will reflect a personal vision for their use – a soft patterning of space, whether that be small or large.  The Mozaik seating family is made up of three principal shapes. A small soft square stool and soft rectangular bench available in two heights and a large low soft square stool. The two heights of upholstered unit allow for different seating styles that in turn facilitate different patterns of behavior, function and interaction. But their dual heights also suggest the function of the higher unit as a space division, a surface for a device, a support for the user’s back or arm or a place to perch.  The seat features a unique domed edge and seamless appearance. This then sits on a light steel frame, giving the impression that the upholstery is floating in its geometric frame. Lines and volumes, hard and soft, heavy and lightweight are contradictions that when combined, have a unique effect – a sturdy construction but a gentle aesthetic and comfortable sit.  Mozaik seating can be upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather, inviting designers to be adventurous in their styling. The steel frame, trays and ceramics are available in a select palette of neutral and fashion colors.  Given the flexibility of the range, it is suited to a wide range of applications and environments from the workplace, to education, to healthcare, to travel and hospitality settings.

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