Mork and Mindy

Borgo | YOUR SPACE YOUR CHAIR Mork & Mindy are beautifully designed chairs which can be fitted with upholstered options. Four Leg and Sled Base chairs are at home in cafeterias and public spaces. The Swivel Base is perfect for work and collaborative environments. For waiting areas, the Pyramid and Spoke base models are ideal, with their swivel and fixed options. PERFECT DESIGN FOR EVERY SPACE Designed out of Milan by Orlandini, the main focus was to design a stylistic figure that is economical, reliable and provides a solution. Combining ergonomics with style within its design, this multi-purpose chair has a unique silhouette and structure. The pair is always at ease in any space, both public and private within an array of environments.    FUNCTIONAL GOOD DESIGN Mobility doesn’t always mean wheels, the playful button featured on the back of the Mork & Mindy offers an intuitive handle to pull the chair out from under a table. The fun does not stop there, the button also doubles as a place to hang a bag, backpack or coat. Available in Road, Cloud and Blue Burst.

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