National Public Seating | LuvraFlex Stack Chairs feature a unique design that combines ultimate comfort with extreme durability. These chairs have not only been built to last but also to withstand even the most rigorous use. The chairs are made from strong polypropylene and the back is designed to flex to the user’s perfect posture. In addition, the seats are offered in standard poly or padded variations for the ultimate comfort. The Flex back has a tested resistance by SGS laboratories of 425 lbs of force, making it perfect for any user. The solid rod frame design ensures years of industrial-grade usage, while the felt-based transparent glides protect floors from scratches and scuffs. The glides also feature built-in ganging for easy multi-chair setup. These lightweight chairs are easy to store, thanks to their stacking design. When not in use, simply stack the chairs and store or transport using the LuvraFlex dolly DY-LV. The LuvraFlex Stack Chairs are ideal for any facility that needs a reliable, comfortable, and space-saving mass-seating solution.