Studio TK | Libelle, Dutch for “Dragonfly”, is a functional, yet whimsical, collection of seating options, including: a pouf, a low back lounge chair, and an innovative lounge chair with privacy. Designer Khodi Feiz created Libelle to deliver a personal escape while accommodating small collaborative interactions. The Libelle lounge with privacy back incorporates a transparent knit mesh to offer solitude for both personal escapes and impromptu small meetings. Libelle’s knit mesh delivers visual privacy without obstructing the workplace landscape. The transparency of the mesh allows the user visual privacy while signaling to others that the piece is occupied and avoids a surprising interaction when multiple colleagues are vying for its vacancy. An optional tablet arm is a versatile addition that will enhance functionality and can be installed after it’s placed to either the left or right side. The laidback but sophisticated style of Libelle is perfect for today’s flexible work environment.