DEKKO | Power supply leader DEKKO announces the launch of Layer™, a relocatable power solution with an optional surface for phones and other devices. Created for DEKKO by Zeeland, Michigan-based IDA Design, Layer™ flexes for up to 10 devices in any environment where power is needed – from the office, to educational and hospitality spaces, to home. It’s especially ideal for open, collaborative, training and touchdown spaces. The slim, freestanding Layer™ is made of powder-coated aluminum that can be specified in colors of carbon or white. A surface option with an optional BuzziFelt insert (in either stone grey or off-white) provides a soft landing spot for such devices as smartphones and iPads. (BuzziFelt is a material made of 100% upcycled plastic bottle waste that absorbs sound and provides a tactile aesthetic). Power-Delivery (PD) technology is a single charging standard that can be used to power a wide variety of different devices. PD increases power levels while ensuring devices only get the amount of charging needed and are not overcharged. The USB-C ports use GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, which uses a direct band gap semiconductor that generates less heat to offer this exceptionally fast, high-efficiency charging without damaging the batteries of the devices being charged. The technology is a very important feature in today’s power products. It keeps devices efficiently powered and people effectively connected. The 10-foot cord that provides power to Layer™ is discreetly integrated under the weighted base. Users can unwrap the cord to the desired length or, when not in use, wrap it fully where it’s hidden entirely under the base.