Kaleid Workstation

OFS | With the increased adaptation of activity-based work, offices are transforming into vibrant and dynamic spaces that foster connection, collaboration, and culture. Webb Associates designed Kaleid as a mobile element of Soft Architecture to effectively define space and cater to these evolving needs. Similar to the ever-changing patterns in a kaleidoscope, Kaleid offers the versatility to be moved and reconfigured in various settings, providing organizations, teams, and individuals with the means to redefine their work environment. Crafted with the natural warmth of wood, Kaleid workstations are available in multiple sizes and offer a range of options. You can choose between a single or double worksurface, opt for an open or closed back in various finishes, and even include a bag hook for added convenience. These mobile workstations seamlessly integrate with our Ezel markerboard, creating a cohesive and adaptable workspace.