Allermuir | Jinx is a contemporary new range of organically shaped soft seating that revolutionizes a low seat, which captures the epitome of comfort that is suitable for a wealth of environments. Jinx challenges the structural formation we have become so accustomed to, the geometric form and defining angular lines create architectural freedom within a space.  The range includes a single seater, two seater and three seater low level sofa that all share the same visual architecture. Designed to break the mold, each piece is similarly striking as a standalone piece as it is a collective. Adding an elegant touch of structure to the bean bag culture that so many businesses have now embraced, Jinx provides a low seating option made easy for everybody.  The sculptured composition of Jinx provides a perfect injection of informality. The inner curvature of the side pieces can be used to bring people closer together. Jinx is a natural relaxation of soft seating usually found in breakout areas and collaborative spaces that responds to the shifts in demand, as trends in the workplace shift towards the inclusion of less formal products that harbor a sense of security.  The construction of Jinx draws on inspiration from the aeronautic design industry. Building on the use of intersecting ‘Spars’ and ‘Ribs’ that generate the iconic angular wing sweeps, to create the defining geometric structure of Jinx that hosts undeniable strength.  Don’t be deceived by the visually strong design typology, Jinx does not compromise on comfort. In fact quite the opposite, the pockets created by the construction of the angular exterior allow for the enhanced batting of super soft foam. Enabling a softer and deeper sit, that creates an almost cocoon like shape for the ultimate sit back and relax experience.

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