EZ Access+

Zgo Technologies | EZ Access+ Cable Management Tray is a sleek, simple, and extremely functional way to de-clutter your workspace. Manage your cables and power supplies while making your office environment cleaner, neater, and more comfortable. The built-in power supply with 8 AC outlets enables any workstation to be powered by a single cord, eliminating the need to see wires around and under the desk. EZ Access+ is unique in that it has a large capacity trough that easily pivots and stays in that position to load during installation. When locked in place, it provides 2 positions – lower and higher: the higher position provides a 2” gap between the top of the cable trough and the surface; the lower position offers a 3¼” gap. This gives more than enough space to organize all your cables or additional power supplies. Made with heavy-duty ABS and metal providing maximum durability and long-lasting reliability in any office application.