Ergo Engage Chair

AmTab | AmTab’s Ergo Engage Chair is designed for today’s active learners in flexible learning environments. Ergonomically designed and engineered to promote movement and allow for varied sitting positions – front, back, and sides as well as providing a secure backpack holder. Ideal seating for K-12 flexible learning spaces with 8 accommodating sizes. 20 seat colors, 20 glide colors, and 8 metal finishes to capture school colors, classroom identity, collaborative learning groups, and enhance the learning environment design. Biophilic Design and Physiological Well-Being, important design considerations, are incorporated into this new chair design. Ocean Wave imprint creates a comfortable handle for easy transport and the Honeycomb grid pattern on the seat bring natural elements into the learning environment. Constructed of heavy-duty 1” diameter 14-gauge round steel tubing that is embedded into the seat shell ensuring the two pieces remain intact. Cantilever leg design allows for stability yet provides movement and flexibility for active learners. Non-marking and load-bearing DynaGrip* Glides offer superior protection to floor surfaces while providing safety.