Dekko | Power supply leader ECA by Dekko announces the launch of Electrolite™ – a first-of-its-kind portable power outlet for the contract furniture industry because it combines configurable power with 360-degree intentional design. With its high level of customization, Electrolite™ can be made for virtually any space. Specifiers can choose one, two, three, four or five tamper-resistant receptacles as well as a reversible USB-A charging port and a 60-watt USB-C Power Delivery charging port. The reversible charging ports are a unique feature that enables a user to connect a Type-A cable without worrying about the plug or cable’s orientation. In addition to more than 17 possible configurations, Electrolite™ allows users to rotate the outlets within the product as well as the strain relief of the cord exiting the back of the product (either straight or a 90-degree rotation). The 90-degree rotation option is ideal for use on a work surface placed against a panel or wall, while the straight angle works best for work surfaces integrating the freestanding and undermount models. The rotating outlets provide users the ability to accommodate any style of chargers and plugs, including Apple bricks. Electrolite™ offers a modern color palette that specifiers can chose from including black, white, bronze, latte and carbon. Custom colors are also available. Units can be further customized with a monochromatic scheme, a painted body or a painted faceplate color variation. As part of its configurability, the product also offers a variety of mounting options, including clamp mount, undermount and freestanding.