func | Some walls bring people together. Introducing the new Cooee Mobile Wall range from func. Australian aborigines call “Cooee” when they want to attract attention and bring nomadic people together. It’s used because its phonetics enable it to travel across large distances. Literally it means “come here”. Bringing people together is at the heart of Cooee’s design. Mobile walls that are fun, flexible and inspire collaboration – now there’s an idea… and another one, and another one. func.’s next generation ‘Cooee’ Mobile Wall collection define workspaces so you can create gorgeous, functional places people WANT to work in. 10 differently configured walls provide visual and acoustic separation to make it easier to work in open spaces. Each one has a range of accessories and ‘cupple’ together through the innovative use of our ‘Cooee Cup’ to create whatever space you need, whenever you need it. func. mobile walls create fun, flexible spaces that expand and contract, divide and draw together, so your space works the way we work NOW.