Cooee Wall Adjustable Foot

func. | Now with even more func.y accessories to personalize your workspace. Now, we know you love the mobility of your Cooee Mobile Wall, but sometimes you need it to chill out and stay in one place. That’s where the Cooee Adjustable Foot comes to the rescue, giving you the option for a stationary foot that keeps your wall steady as a rock. Now, we know you’ll have questions, about whether your Cooee Wall can still glide across that plush carpet of yours. Well, fear not! Our Adjustable Foot, or as it’s often called in market, the “glide,” glides like a champ, effortlessly cruising across any surface, be it carpet or hardwood. Sold individually, these adjustable feet seamlessly attach using the same holes as the casters. Transform your mobile wall into a rock-solid powerhouse effortlessly. It’s like giving your trusty sidekick an unshakable anchor, ensuring it stays put and doesn’t go wandering off.