Cooee Half Wall with or without power option

func. | Your sassy space transformation begins with the revolutionary Cooee Half Wall, set to redefine boundaries with a bold twist. Whether it’s demarcating seating zones or maintaining that seamless visual flow, this innovation has your back. Standing at half the height of its award-winning sibling, it’s the ultimate sofa sidekick, offering the perfect blend of division and openness. But there’s more beneath the surface – beyond its striking appearance, it’s a performance powerhouse. Crafted from sustainable, sound-absorbing PET and fortified with a noise-blocking membrane, it takes distractions head-on, fostering serene vibes. Say goodbye to disruptions and welcome an environment where productivity thrives. Cooee Half Wall with Power Option: Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for power sources hidden in hard-to-reach areas or beneath sofas. The Cooee Mobile Wall with Power option makes power easily accessible wherever you need it. Equipped with an 8-foot cord (approximately 3.5 meters), you’ll have ample length to effortlessly connect your devices in a flash. Its true potential shines in ancillary areas like breakout zones, eliminating low battery anxiety. Effortlessly charge your phones and other devices, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. With the Cooee Wall Power Option, charging your devices becomes a breeze, keeping you connected and productive in all your designated spaces. Embrace mobility, style, and functionality with the coolest wall in town – the Cooee Half Wall.