Martin Brattrud | Exploring forms that feel familiar yet new, playful yet elegant, Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck drew inspiration from the goblet drums of West Africa, champagne corks from dinner parties, and forest mushrooms from their kids’ summer camps. Bloom distills these familiar, often celebratory forms with a soft, organic, and playful hand. Bloom comes in 2 expressions—a monolithic built-to-the-floor version or a light and airy metal rod base. Both have a swivel seat. As an option, you can cap the bottom of the built-to-the-floor Bloom in powder-coated metal for a more layered material and color expression. Three heights are available, with the tallest two incorporating a circular metal foot ring. Bloom can be upholstered in two knitted fabrics from Kvadrat Febrik, each available in a wide range of colors.