Alden Table with Wood Top

KFI Studios | KFI Studios is excited to introduce the Alden table with a new wood top option. The Alden table, designed by Union Design, is a versatile table for lounge and collaborative spaces where flexible worksurfaces are needed. Featuring a convenient integrated handle, this portable table can easily accompany you to your preferred work spot and be moved around to accommodate your work needs. Whether you’re working individually or collaborating with others, Alden serves as a reliable companion, offering ample space for your laptop or other work essentials. Its sturdy metal frame ensures durability in even the most demanding of settings while the wood top adds a touch of warmth and sophistication. The wood top is constructed of plywood with a high-pressure laminate surface, offered in three colors – Ash, European Beech, and Dark Chestnut. The metal frame is available in six powder coat colors – White, Black, Sapphire Blue, Oxide Red, Pale Green, and Ochre Yellow. With its clean, minimalist design, Alden effortlessly blends into various styles and spaces, from a relaxed lounge to a dynamic collaborative zone to a welcoming lobby area. Elevate your space with the new wood top edition of the Alden table and experience the perfect combination of functionality and style. For more information about the Alden table, please contact your local KFI Studios rep or visit