ZGO Technologies | Zdock by Zgo Technologies is a Dual video USB Docking Station that uniquely integrates into the base of any Zgo monitor arm, which offers 3 primary benefits to any workstation:  1) Eliminates Desktop Cable Clutter and Increases Usable Workspace – The combination of a monitor arm, with full cable management, and a dock at its base, allows all cables to be routed through the arm to the rear of the dock for video cable connection. The power cables then drop behind the desk to outlets, which eliminates virtually all cables from the desktop. This increases usable workspace and cleans up the surface to provide a neater, more organized and aesthetically pleasing work environment.  2) Keeps the Docking Station at the optimal location – Since the cables follow the dock, by clamping the docking station to the rear of the desk, users get immediate access to charging, data and audio ports while keeping the dock out of the primary work area, which helps to eliminate all the cable clutter. Only when the dock is clamped to the rear of the desk, can cables fall behind and off the surface. 3) More USB Ports – Zdock has 8 USB ports and more charging ports than other docks, including a Type-C charging port. This allows employees to charge more devices and also eliminates the need to purchase an adapter to charge Type-C phones.