Zgo Technologies | Uvio is a UVC disinfecting lamp that mounts tool-lessly to the top of any computer monitor. The UVC light, a known virus-killer for over 100-years, shines for 2-hours at night over a 4’ x 2’ area of the desk to disinfect the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of shared workstations, so they are sanitized and virus-free for the next day’s use. Uvio has a Dual Sensor System, which detects body heat within 20 feet and any detected motion within 10 feet, that automatically shuts the light off. The UVC light activation is set up through a centrally controlled, programmable Wi-Fi app, downloaded to any phone, which activates all Uvio lights in the organization in one easy step. Workplace safety requirements have changed, specifically with the new hybrid work model and shared desking. Uvio is part of a multi-layered approach to provide a safe work environment and peace of mind at work.