Allermuir | Turo is Allermuir’s newest collection of tables, born out of a desire to produce a timeless design. The tables’ simplistic silhouette is constructed using seven common design components that are carried throughout the range.  Taking inspiration from the bezels featured on classic vintage dive watches, Turo seamlessly integrates a multi-faceted table leg detail. Crafted with precision, the icosagon shaping of the leg adds a subtle focal point to the range, without taking away from the beautiful simplicity of the construction.  A truly versatile collection, Turo is well suited to everyday use in every type of environment be it corporate, hospitality or education. Eliminating distractions, Turo has no gimmicks. It’s made from a minimal number of components, to enable the primary focus to be its beautifully inviting work surface. A surface that supports many different working styles across a multitude of cultures. In addition to this, Turo maximizes the quantity of usable space. The slender leg detail sits at the table’s extremities to allow the user a comfortable amount of leg room.  Turo’s beauty is in its simplicity, but in truth Turo has a hidden complexity. To achieve the design ideology of a seamless but strong connection between the rails of the under structure and the icosagon geometry of the leg detail, a specialized casting was created. The aluminum casting had to be engineered to achieve a flat edge on every side of the molding for a unified joining of the elements that is smoothly continuous.  As we draw more on domestic influences within the corporate environment, we look to new ways we can influence the ambiance of the space. Turo’s geometric leg detail is more than just aesthetics. The reflective properties of the external angles allow the science of color and light to be intertwined to bring in an additional element of shadow and shading to the space.

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