Switch Panel System

Tayco | Tayco has big news about everyone’s favourite panel system, Switch, releasing ample new features on January 20. Switch, a renowned two-inch panel system that has generated immense interest and sales across North America is now offering increased functionality, additional configurations and enhanced privacy all at a fantastic price point. The ability to customize workspaces to every individuals’ function is key when planning today’s office spaces. With panels up to 82” high and 72” wide Switch now offers even more ways to personalize. Additionally, laminate and fabric panels now include segmented glass and acrylic options in multiple heights, a rarity with a monolithic panel system. Together these can be used to create fully enclosed offices, offering a private office feel, without the need for permanent construction. “The market has raved about Switch since its launch in 2017. Customers love the sleek design, high-quality metal-to-metal connections, and the ability to truly make it their own,” says Tayco CEO, Kevin Philips. “We wanted to bring even more to the line in 2022, as we set the trend for users wanting additional space division, larger spaces and more privacy. Expanding our size offering and adding swing and sliding doors was the perfect place to start. Now stunning private offices can be created quickly offering immediate privacy and safety.” Switch is known for its intelligent design aesthetic, offering a sleek modern look while maintaining cost efficiency. Panels up to 72” high further enforce Switch’s identity giving users the ability to specify fewer panels for a seamless look. Integrated glass and acrylic segments also enhance Switch providing natural light to flow into each workstation. “Switch became so successful because it was a line designed by listening to our end users, Dealers and designers. We recognized a true need in today’s marketplace for a cost-effective, high design panel system,” continues Tayco CEO Kevin Philips. “With the ask fulfilled we went back and listened again to our network for what they needed next, and we know that Switch’s new functionalities do exactly that.” Switch continues to be the ideal answer to meet the unique and evolving needs of today’s modern office.