Keilhauer | The Orign conference chair is part of the Untucked Collection, which premiered at NeoCon 2018. The Orign brings comfort to your next conference, with its embracing structure created by using two adjoining cushions, gently padded with foam, and an arm silhouette new to Keilhauer – one that incorporates the best features of open and loop arms to form a pi-like (π) shape. Ingenuity hides Orign’s fully ergonomic functions from view, leaving the conference chair to present with a deceptively simple form. The pivot points for the seat and back work independently but in perfect synchronization to create a seamless, supported tilt when leaning. To optimize comfort, maintain the chair’s tailored form and minimize use of foam, Orign uses a unique combination of springs, negative space and custom tooled ‘fingers’ to reduce fatigue and pressure on the sit bones. The Orign and Untucked collection is designed for Keilhauer by EOOS.

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