Ecoustic Timber Ceiling Blade

Unika Vaev Acoustic | The ecoustic® Timber Ceiling Blades are available in five blade profiles manufactured in either hemlock finish (clear, white wash, walnut or grey), red cedar (natural) or in white birch plywood (natural). The ceiling blades are mounted in panels of standard sizes to fit 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″ standard or slim line grid ceilings. Alternatively, they can be mounted directly to an existing ceiling surface by use of proprietary concealed bracketing system. ecoustic® Timber Ceiling Blade panels are suitable for use with many lighting options and existing electrical or sprinkler services can be accommodated by field trimming the panels.  The panel system incorporates a black acoustic scrim backing resulting in a .70 NRC Rating. To further enhance sound absorption, the panels can be backed with black .53″ thick Instyle ecoustic® panels resulting in a 1.0 NRC Rating. ecoustic® Timber Ceiling Blades are PEFC and low VOC certified.

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