Belong Power Solutions

Haworth | Belong Power Solutions give people access to power where they need it—above the worksurface, below the worksurface, or in both locations. With options for power, USB-A and USB-C charging, Qi wireless charging, and cord management, Belong Power Solutions are all about features and details. Power: The innovative power suite combines desktop and under-desk access into one unit with just one connection to the main power. The power cube and the plug strip that make up the suite are also available separately with separate plugs for each. All pieces feature an elevated design with a textured finish and hinged braided cords. Cord Management: The new wire management tray gathers cords, mounts to the underside of any surface, and tilts to the front or back, providing easy access to the plug strip and cords without allowing them to spill out. The cord management cuff tidies up any fraying ends on mesh cord manager sleeves and attaches to the tray to keep wires in place.